Ha Vinh Tho – From inner transformation to social innovation: Gross National Happiness

Many of the systems that were put in place in the last century: economic, political, social, educational… do not seem able to meet the challenges that we are facing as a humankind anymore, and there is a growing awareness that we need to rethink and reinvent development. For any renewal to be sustainable, there also needs to be a shift in mindset, in consciousness, as the systems are the manifestation of the way we think, feel, act, and relate to one another and to our environment. We will explore how the framework of Gross National Happiness can help us rethink growth, by putting Happiness and Wellbeing at the heart of development.

Dr. Ha Vinh Tho is the founder of Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing. He has been the Program Director at the Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan, and the former Head of Training, Learning and Development at the International Committee of the Red Cross. He consults with companies wanting to implement Gross National Happiness principles in their organization, including B. Grimm /Thailand, Happy Mandala / China, BITIS / Vietnam, and SIG Switzerland. He holds a Doctorate in Psychology and Education from the Geneva University. He is the author of several books and many articles.

Moderation: Mathew D. Rose

A Cooperation of Helle Panke e.V. with Brave New Europe and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

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