Macro N Cheese – Ndongo Samba Sylla: Africa’s Quest for Economic Liberation

Ndongo Samba Sylla tells us of the challenges facing Africa through the story of Thomas Sankara and breaks down what Sankara meant when he told the people to “live as African.” Ndongo suggests that the way forward combines the insights provided by MMT with Sankara’s plans for African liberation and development. He calls it MMT-ing Sankara or Sankara-ing MMT. Since some see MMT as apolitical, Ndongo is making a crucial point. He also goes into detail as to why cancelling international debt, though necessary, is not enough.  

After his presentation, Ndongo takes questions from attendees on the role of BRICS and potential benefits for Africa in a multipolar world. He touches on the CFA franc and explains why economic exploitation is the most vicious form of imperialism. 

Ndongo Samba Sylla is a Senegalese development economist. He has previously worked as a technical advisor at the Presidency of the Republic of Senegal and was Programme Manager at the West Africa office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. He has recently been appointed the Africa Director for Research and Policy at IDEAs (International Development Economics Associates) 

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Ndongo Samba Sylla

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