Omar Suleiman – The ‘righteous anger’ of Palestinians

It is impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the ongoing war in Gaza – the death toll, the horrific footage, the world’s inability to bring it to an end.

That is compounded for Palestinians, many with family members directly impacted, who feel they’ve always been seen through a racist and islamophobic lens, and that speaking out is a political act with consequences.

So how do Palestinians and Muslims navigate their feelings of anger with their faith?

This week on The Big Picture, we sit down with Palestinian-American scholar and activist Dr Omar Suleiman, the founder of the Yaqeen Institute in Texas.

Dr Suleiman built a reputation as a religious voice who resonates with the growing Muslim diaspora searching for leaders, and as a millennial often on the frontlines of social issues and protest movements in the US.

He speaks to us about his own anger, his commitment to challenging his government and why this is a turning point for how he sees himself as an American.

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