Patrick Cockburn – Ukraine has Fought Heroically, But Putin will Not Let His ‘Special Military Operation’ Become a Fiasco

An attempt to explain how and why things have developed in the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Patrick Cockburn is the author of War in the Age of Trump (Verso)

Cross-posted from Counterpunch

Photograph Source: ZomBear – CC BY-SA 4.0

As the Russian Defence Ministry warned people in Kyiv that it was about to strike targets in the city, the country’s targeting of government, security and communications facilities is likely to be expanded and to produce a mass exodus of refugees from Kyiv.

The Russian statement said that it would target the Security Service of Ukraine building and a government information facility “in order to suppress information attacks against Russia” using high precision weapons – shortly before it attacked the capital’s main television tower.

“We call,” the statement read, “on Ukrainian citizens attracted by Ukrainian nationalists to carry out provocations against Russia, as well as residents of Kyiv living near relay nodes [communications towers] to leave their homes.”

Russia had hitherto made only limited use of its heavy artillery and air force to eliminate centres of resistance in the cities, a tactic that is the usual method by which the Russian military, along with other modern armies, seek to capture besieged cities, with low casualties among their own forces.

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