Pingbacks and Climate Crisis

In economics the trickle down theory has been debunked as an ideological instrument in the class war from above. In education and media however there exists another sort of trickle down that does function: ideas. Unfortunately this is true of good as well as destructive ideas. For the latter Angela Merkel’s “Swabian hausfrau”, used to support Germany’s austerity for the EU with tragic consequences, is an example.

Our website platform provides us with “Pingbacks”. That is a notification that one of our articles has been posted on another website or has been cited in an article or list somewhere in the worldwide web (sometimes these are in languages that we cannot even identify).

In the past months we have noticed a radical increase in pingbacks for our articles concerning the climate crisis. This is a positive development, because we have worked hard to increasingly provide illuminating progressive information and analyses on this topic. We feel we had the best critical coverage anywhere of COP26.

At BRAVE NEW EUROPE we are convinced that the climate crisis is the most pressing issue of our time. Add to this that almost all other problems of our society, not only the environment, will have to be included in any solution.

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