Renegade Inc with Grace Blakeley,James Meadway – Thatcher’s Museum: Are we living in it?

Margaret Thatcher is undoubtedly one of the most divisive characters in British political history. But whatever you think of her, she’s a woman whose economic policies have had repercussions that are felt today.

She will always be known as a politician who loved the tenuous idea of linking property ownership to democracy, who valued economic over social progress, and who thought that a big bang liberation of the City of London would deliver untold riches for everyone…
But, in reality, after forty years of Thatcherism the UK now presides over austerity, a private debt explosion, financialization, privatization, deregulation, inequality and extortionate monopolies.

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by economists and authors Grace Blakeley and James Meadway to discuss if today we are living in Thatcher’s museum.

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Thatcher’s Museum: Are we living in it?

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