Richard Murphy: The objectives of the Green New Deal

The objectives of the Green New Deal shall be:

  • To create a net zero carbon economy
  • To protect against habitat and biodiversity loss
  • To ensure every building in the UK is as energy efficient as feasibly possible, and generates power if that can be accommodated within its design
  • To promote public transport for all journeys, including and most especially local ones
  • To encourage the building of new low and no-carbon housing to meet social need
  • To invest in new methods of power generation, transmission and distribution
  • To encourage alternative and reduced forms of consumption that reduce the demand on the natural resources of our planet
  • To create jobs paying at least a living wage in every constituency of the United Kingdom
  • To promote apprenticeships, other training and life long skill creation in those activities undertaken as part of the Green New Deal
  • To promote the local economy in every UK region, city, town and community
  • To encourage new forms of enterprise that might deliver economic resilience within the sustainable economy
  • To encourage approaches to the use of artificial intelligence consistent with the Green New Deal
  • To encourage new ways of working consistent with the objectives of the Green New Deal
  • To promote sustainable equality, which is defined as an equal proportionate use of the available non-sustainable resources consistent with overall maintenance of the prospects of continuing life on earth of the country irrespective of the financial means of each person
  • To reduce inequality in the UK
  • To reduce tax abuse within the UK as a mechanism for reducing inequality, promoting social change, repricing market failure and promoting the funding mechanisms of the Green New Deal

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