Steve Keen, Phil Dobbie: Return of the Cluster Truss

Keen and Phil Dobbie’s latest ‘Debunking Economics’ podcast:

“Over the weekend Liz Truss was singing her own praises, with a front-page article in the UK’s Sunday Telegraph. She is known, of course, for being the UK’s shortest-term Prime Minister after her plans for tax cuts (mainly for the wealthy) sent finance markets into a spin. In particular, bond prices collapsed and saw pension funds running low on collateral, forcing the Bank of England to step in. But was she wrong? Former Chancellor George Osborne said she made the mistake of cutting taxes without cutting spending. Does that make her the poster child of MMT supporters? She’d be horrified at the description, no doubt. This week Phil and Steve talk about what was good (if anything) and bad about Liz Truss’ economic plan.”

Listen HERE.

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