Steve Keen, Phil Dobbie – Steve Keen’s Predictions for 2021

Earlier this year Phil Dobbie asked Steve keen for his predictions for 2020. Without a whiff of COVID -19 IN THE AIR, Steve talked of a capitalist economy on government life support. On that he was pretty much on the mark. So what of 2021. In this free edition of the Debunking Economics podcast he explains the reasoning behind his five predictions for the year ahead:

1. Recession in Europe and America as financial aftermath to the COVID crisis.

2. The housing bubble to continue in Australia., but maybe not in Canada.

3. Strong growth in China.

4. A rapid fall in coal mining

5. Severe weather crises in Europe and USA from collapse of Arctic winter sea ice

Phil tries hard to accentuate the positive in Steve’s predictions, but fails miserably. It’s all doom and gloom!

Listen Here

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