The Great Debt Debate – Round One of The Fight Club: Piketty vs Hudson

As a way of continuing David Graeber’s challenging of society’s myths after his death, his widow Nika Dubrovsky has established both the “Museum of Care“, which curates David’s works, and debates his thought and those of other significant thinkers.

One component of the Museum is The Fight Club, brings together prominent intellectuals with differing perspectives on key issues in modern society. Some of these will be fictional–David Graeber versus Thomas Hobbes, for example. Others are actual, and we were delighted that Thomas Piketty, who wrote the Preface to the 10th anniversary edition of David’s Debt: The First 5,000 Years, agreed to debate the role of debt in modern society with Michael Hudson, author of And forgive them their debts.

This is the recording of the debate, which was undertaken in very good spirit by both pugilists, and well refereed by Lynn Parramore, a cultural theorist who studies the intersection of culture and economics, and a Senior Research Analyst at the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

The next debate may well be between me and … watch this space.

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