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BRAVE NEW EUROPE does the following:

  •  Publish some of the best critical commentary in Europe on the key political and economic developments every day. You will regularly find the latest articles by Branko Milanovic, Noam Chomsky, Frances Coppola, Ann Pettifor, Steve Keen, Wolfgang Streeck and many more on BRAVE NEW EUROPE.
  • Support the Gig Economy Project, a media network which supports the struggle of workers in the gig economy for better working rights and a transformation of the platform economy as a whole. BRAVE NEW EUROPE founded and hosts the Gig Economy Project on the site.
  • Host regular events and webinars with some of the most interesting radical thinkers around. Just some of our speakers have included Ann Pettifor, Heiner Flassbeck, Michael Hudson, Rupert Read and Steve Keen.

BRAVE NEW EUROPE is solely dependent on your donations for its financial existence.  Supported by a cooperative with a desire to foster egalitarian structures, our goal is to be financed by a broad group of small donors so that we remain completely independent to publish the articles which we think matter.

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