Now we all know how important BRAVE NEW EUROPE is

Faced with the propaganda onslaught by Western state and mainstream media with regard to Ukraine and now Israel’s genocide in Gaza, not to mention the censoring of critical voices on social media, you maybe understand why we created BRAVE NEW EUROPE. We all knew this was coming, just not when. When is now.

Our motto for this year’s fundraiser is “We are a safe haven for critical thought in these difficult times”. How long we shall be so, we are not sure.

What we are witnessing in Gaza is without a doubt the worst event of this millennium: genocide – and we are supposed to believe this is self-defence condoned by international law. That the Western political elite believes it can even present this to us shows how morally bankrupt it has become.

It is the emergence of this moral bankruptcy in defence of US hegemony, inequality, and racism that we have challenged since our inception. Our coverage of many issues has often been in our opinion among the best in the world: This has not always been simple in cases like the Ukraine war and now the genocide by Israel in Gaza. We have been and remain a leader with regard to the gig economy. Many climate scientists see us as a safe haven for their pieces as the climate denialists and climate financialisers gain the upper hand. We have excelled in our work with progressive economists. The list goes on.

Once again it is your turn to make this possible by donating. Please consider making a recurring donation in order to eventually make these fundraisers unnecessary. Just go HERE

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