Glenn Diesen – The Ukraine War & the Eurasian World Order

19 January 2024

Glenn Diesen: Five hundred years of Western hegemony has ended, while the global majority’s aspiration for a world order based on multipolarity and sovereign equality is rising. This book review with Glenn Diesen examines the question: Has the Ukraine war helped the rise of an Eurasian World Order?

John Mearsheimer: “Diesen has written a terrific book about
the emerging world order. The multipolar system that is now forming, he
argues, has the potential to be much more peaceful than the US-dominated
unipolar moment that recently ended. But the Ukraine war, a legacy of
American policy during unipolarity, has poisoned international politics
and made it difficult to transition to a more harmonious Westphalian
order. A must read for anyone who wants to understand the great shift in
the global distribution of power that is taking place before our eyes.”

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