BRAVE NEW EUROPE – Lecture series in Berlin: “Economics beyond the Swabian hausfrau”

“Economics beyond the Swabian hausfrau” is the title of a series of lectures on heterodox economics planned for this year and next in Berlin. We shall be featuring some of the most prominent European heterodox economists. The first is on 14 June with Heiner Flassbeck, followed on 15 September with Ann Pettifor. These are introductory lectures, especially for non-economists. The first lecture will be in German only. After that they will be in English, but with a simultaneous translation in German.

This has been made possible thanks to a cooperation BRAVE NEW EUROPE has entered into with a foundation called Helle Panke, attached to the Links (Left) party in Berlin, yet undogmatic. They promote political education.

In addtion to the lectures, our guests will be holding seminars with Berlins various heterodox economics student groups.


14 June at 7pm with Heiner Flassbeck (in German only)

“Situation der Eurokrise”

Franz-Mehring-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin (“neues deutschland-Haus“), Seminarraum 1

We are guests in the rooms of the German poltitiecal magazine OXI.

Admission: 2 Euros

For further information go here


15 September with Ann Pettifor (English with a simultaneous translation in German)

“The finance sector has become too powerful, and now acts as Master, not Servant to the real economy. How to once again turn bankers and financiers into Servants of the real economy?”


We shall be announcing futher lectures in the near future.

Any persons or organisations in Berlin or Germany who wish to attend or help organise these lectures please contact us at

If you wish to support these lectures financially, you can donate here


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