BRAVE NEW EUROPE – Fundraiser 2021

Dear Reader (or Potential Reader),

We’re all trying to make sense of the past two years and what that means for our future. More than ever before we’re learning to recognise that, rich or poor, jobless, leisured, or overemployed, we’re all in the same boat or, more accurately, on the same gasping planet.

Many snake-oil salesmen are selling us solutions, in the guise of new economic theory, ways to redistribute of wealth, wellbeing or privilege, better routes to zero conflict and zero carbon.

Who can we trust? Who has an axe to grind? Who is beginning to sound like a worn-out gramophone record.

Brave New Europe is a meeting-place for some of the best thinkers of the 2020s in heterodox economics, politics, and climate change. Instead of you having to plough through dozens of blogs and websites every day, Brave New Europe does the heavy lifting for you – bringing the writings of a very select band into one place. Every day brings you a choice of topics ranging from climate change, the Gig Economy, monetary and economic theory, international trade, tax justice, refugees and migration, racism and issues of fairness and equality.

All this is offered to readers free of charge, and free of compromising subsidy. We accept no corporate funding. We accept no targeted content. We rely purely on donations from individuals and from a handful of charitable foundations.

To maintain the impetus and impartiality we need fresh funds every month. Three hundred donors, giving £5 or 5 euros a month would bring us close to £1,500 monthly, which is enough to keep us ticking over. More generous or more frequent donations do naturally allow us to spread our net wider and even to pay some of our younger contributors.

We want to continue to be part of the debate. We’re relying on you to help make sure that happens, nobody else will. So please consider pressing that donation button. Two skinny lattes is all you would be sacrificing. Worth it?

Best regards,

Founders and editors Brave New Europe

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