Dennis Meadows – Limits and Limitations: Is It Too Late for Climate Action?

Dennis Meadows begins as 12:00

In 1972, a group of elite researchers published a report that is more than a mere piece of research: It is a warning for humankind. Exactly 50 years later, continuous warnings have not led to the necessary systemic transformation, but our knowledge about the how and why of such transformation has expanded and concretized. While carbon emissions and biodiversity extinction are still at an all-time high, environmental activism is becoming stronger, louder and is drawing more attention to the matter than ever before.

By asking “LIMITS AND LIMITATIONS – Is it too late for climate action?” a smaller first event on the 7th of June with John Schellnhuber and Dennis Meadows will open up the discussion, which we will continue on a larger scale on the 27th and 28th of June. The second event on “LIMITS AND LIMITATIONS – Imagining possible futures 50 years after the Club of Rome report” will create a space to link past, present and future for reflection, to challenge the status quo and to turn the wheel for a sustainable future.

Where the authors of the report meet scholars, practitioners and current activists in conversation, an encounter unravels that goes beyond (intergenerational and intersectional) limits. In workshops, panel discussions, speeches and in interaction with art, we can address the pressing questions of today: What have we learned in the past 50 years – scientifically, politically, socially? What has changed and what has not? And most importantly: which future do we want to live in and how do we get there – fast?

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