Heiner Flassbeck: Greens down, this is an opportunity for reasonable and globally orientated climate policy

The Greens have crashed brutally in the European elections. In Germany, their share of the vote has almost halved and in France, at 5 per cent, it has even fallen to almost a third of the 2019 figure. Anyone who believes that this is the end of the previous type of commitment to climate policy in Europe is right; but anyone who believes that this is the end of an appropriate climate policy for Europe and the world is wrong.

The downfall of the Greens is a tremendous opportunity if European politics abandons the hectic activism that led to the Greens’ electoral defeat and unites all political forces in favour of a globally oriented strategy. What the purely nationally orientated Greens, especially in Germany, do not want to see is the global context and the compelling need to focus climate policy on the extraction and production of fossil fuels instead of fighting national battles on the demand side.

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