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  1. This is a marvelous article, but I have to take issue with the contention that ‘Remain emphasised the economy’. Well, they certainly spouted lots of false, and dishonest, scare stories about the supposed economic consequences of Brexit, but never presented arguments (economic or political) to support a Remain case. Ne prominent commentator responded to me that he did not need to make a case for Remain, because it was ‘obvious’ – how’s that for intellectual vacuity. Prime Economics eventually conceded that the economic issues were of minor importance, and instead admitted some vague, but never defined, geopolitical fear. As the Right sees Reds under every bed, the Left now sees Fascists round every corner – all of which is misplaced. In contrast to Remainers, supporters of Leave have given us a veritable avalanche of analysis supporting their case – see The Full Brexit, Briefings for Brexit, and many individual contributions, from such as Bill Mitchell, Phil Mullin, and Wolfgang Streeck. And, whilst I would not like his preferred kind of society, John Redwood was clear as a bell in scotching the Remainer scaremongering. In my view Remainers have shown them to be by far the most ignorant group – most clearly in their lack of economic and political knowledge – generally falsely conflating the two quite distinct entities of the EU and Europe. The vast swathe of ordinary people voting Leave did not have to intellectualise their case: they experienced deprivation first hand.

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