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  1. For all Anatol’s supposed expertise, he is clearly mistaken in two respects:

    1. The USSR never had any intention of attacking the West. Lenin expected that the example of the Russian Revolution would inspire workers’ uprisings in other countries (especially Germany), starting the worldwide spread of Communism. Stalin was not of the same mind. His slogan was ‘Socialism in one country’. He was a nationalist and a relative isolationist, except with regards to the Soviet back yard.

    2. No commentator I have read on the Ukraine situation ever expected Russia to try to take over the whole country. I would not want to swallow an elephant whole!

    Therefore, I am very suspicious of Anatol’s auspices, including who is backing him. I do not trust what he says, and prefer reliable commentators like Patrick Cockburn, and Branco Milanovic. Pity Robert Fisk is not still alive.

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